Courtney E. Barrett Bryan is a lifelong journeyman entrepreneur. He is co-founder and current VP and Secretary of Do Me A Solid, Inc., an online T-Shirt company; President of Solid Media Group, a film, literary and arts production company; co-founder of Solid Records, Inc., and partner of the production company Abstract Minds, LLC. Mr. Barrett Bryan was also a partner at Patwell Consultants, LLC, where they help small businesses with their corporate responsibilities and tax preparation. He was also CEO of Traxx of Truth Enterprises, LLC, where along with partners, Catherine Rhodes and Bryan Morris were the owners, management, and administration for the TV Show CAT TRAXX and the Blues Band The TRUTH featuring CAT RHODES.  As the CEO, he oversaw the day to day operations, including, drafting contracts, banking, bookkeeping, social media accounts and all other matters of an administrator. Mr. Barrett Bryan’s background of expertise includes Event Planning, Concert Promotions, Artist Management & Development, Marketing, and Promotions, Music, Television and Video Productions and in 2009 he received a Diploma in Creative Writing and has held licenses in real estate sales, insurance (life, health, auto and home) and securities (series 6), a hack for a NYC taxicab driver and tax preparer; all guided by administrative leadership, amassed over 40 years of an entrepreneurial journey. He now brings all his talents to support further growth of TMI and Partners, LTD.