1800Accountant and TMI & Partners, Ltd discuss marketing and business solution strategies for small businesses

2014-02-17 16.49.46Gary Milkwick, CPA / PFS, Vice President 1800Account greets Alvin Hartley, CEO of TMI & Partners, Ltd to discuss marketing and business solutions strategies on how to help provide small to mid-size business affordable services in accounting, bookkeeping, incorporations, IRS challenges and many other inexpensive cost that can help their business grow.

1800Accountant is the leading national business services and accounting firm specializing in small businesses. Our team of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), enrolled agents (EAs), and accountants has been providing affordable accounting, tax preparation, payroll, bookkeeping, business planning and consulting services since 1999. Business Accounting Tools And Services You Can Count On.


TMI & Partners, Ltd has always prided itself in focusing and targeting its services within Urban Markets. The Urban Market is a lifestyle that consists of multiple cultures, religions, wealth and age groups. Within these communities there are thousands of growing small to midsize businesses. Each day these businesses are faced with challenges. Consider us as the local physician. Keeping your business in good health and providing professional services at an affordable cost. KEEPING YOU IN THE GAME.

TMI & Partners, Ltd offer our services in Three Simple Phases.

  1. Focus on each client’s personal challenge
  2. Select which TMI service (s) will help begin the healing process of each challenge
  3. Provide a short and long term growth and expansion program