Capstone Credit Group and TMI & Partners, Ltd Launch Diverse Lending Department

Capstone Credit Group and TMI & Partners, Ltd Launch Diverse Lending Department

Building the American Dreams for Minorities, Women and Veteran Business Owners.

New York City, February 19, 2015:   Decades ago, minority business owners found it nearly impossible to receive funding for their businesses. Though minority owned businesses have more opportunities to access third party capital, the stigma from decades past lingers like a faint scar. Capstone’s goal is to get more minority participation in the set aside programs by providing much needed access to capital to this diverse group of business owners.

Capstone is here to ease their client’s mind and expedite the healing process by funding contracts and accounts receivable whether the contractor is from the private or public sector. Capstone invests the time, resources and funding essential to your small business in order for you to succeed.  We offer several funding options and provide working capital to small businesses and minority-owned businesses looking for the proper funding to help their businesses grow.


Minority Lending Program Success Story: A woman-owned construction firm and their clients were suffering from the negative effects of Hurricane Sandy which, in turn, began to put a strain on their cash flow.

The Problem: The construction firm needed to eliminate spikes in monthly cash flow due to their client’s payments being delayed after invoicing. As the business progressed, they began having larger payrolls and vendor payments to pay out without knowing exactly when the collection would take place to cover their costs.

The Solution: Capstone helped by implementing single invoice factoring (SIF) that allowed for the flexibility to choose which invoices, if any, to factor during the month.


Capstone has appointed Alvin Hartley, CEO/ President of TMI & Partners, Ltd, to be its Director of Diversity. Alvin Hartley and TMI & Partners, Ltd. has an extensive marketing background including over 25 years of strategic planning and dedicated leadership to TMI & Partners, LTD. TMI assists minority and disadvantaged businesses assemble the resources they need to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive business environment. What better person to assist minority and disadvantaged businesses to help Capstone reach its goal of inclusion. Alvin has worked with many companies to train and align their corporate vision in order to achieve their business objectives. His “In Your Face”, Grassroots Marketing style helps increase brand awareness and corporate sales.​