Capstone Funding and Operational Support Services

Attention Contractors and Suppliers,

As the Director of Diversity for Capstone, I am very proud and excited to have the chance to offer your business the opportunity to receive Funding and Operational Support.

It is not that difficult to understand that, when applying for funding your company may be faced with: Liens, Taxes, Outstanding Loans or a poor balance sheets. At Capstone, we take these challenges into consideration and work with you to overcome them, thereby giving you the opportunity to overcome these obstacles that stop most businesses and work with us to grow your business.  Our goal is to assist and support your company.

Our philosophy is simple.  The contract you were awarded because you are a minority contractor is a good start.  However, every contract award thereafter should be awarded to your company because you performed so well that the general contractor wants you on their team because you are best in class.

To provide some background on where we are positioned in terms of financing small minority-owned businesses please note the following:

  1.  Dodd-Frank has disenfranchised most small companies from borrowing from banks and the minority-owned business have been hit even harder.
  2.  Hedge funds have picked up the slack for banks but most companies under $20,000,000 in annual sales are not on their radar screens.
  3.  From our experience there is an effort by State and local government to move the minority subcontractor into general contractor position in the market place prematurely.
  4.  To accomplish item 3 the business must have access to capital, bonding and staffing beyond family members.  From our experience, most minority-owned companies lack all three of the essential ingredients for long term growth and success as a result of capital constraints.


Our program provides the appropriate mentoring to our clients based on your skill set.

  • We have a heavy emphasis on budgeting upfront to make sure your bid is accurate and profitable.
  • During the job we compare budget to actual performance to keep job costing current and make operation improvements to meet or exceed the budget targets.
  • We bring in third party organizations to provide certified payrolls, change order management, etc. to assist our client’s in improving their AIA invoicing and reducing the burden of micromanagement from the general contractor’s project manager.
  • We break the job down into small goals to ensure that the appropriate level of progress is made daily by our client’s crews.
  • We interact with the project managers to identify weaknesses and areas of improvement our client should focus on.  Many times we will receive information that the project manager will not communicate to our client.  This allows for corrective action before parts of the contract are taken away from our client as result of poor performance or non-performance.

We level the playing field for our clients for example by:

  1. Filling the appropriate notices on public works jobs
  2. Negotiating discounts with suppliers for cash payments
  3. Negotiating with the GC project management as a peer
  4. Demonstrating through the submission of well-prepared AIA invoicing competent management.
  5. Working with union benefit plans under specific contracts.
  6. We verify that the work has been accepted and completed for the billing period.  This stops the GC from coming back later and advising that work has not been performed to standard and making deductions or holding back retention.
  7. Provide bid support letters to qualify the client on a financial basis with the GC.

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