Is Your Startup Ready For A Physical Office?


August 9, 2017

Business Tips

Author: Larry Alton, Contributor, Under 30 Network

When you think of a growing small business, you probably envision an office with a handful of people, interacting through brainstorming sessions, meetings, and casual conversations by the water cooler. But this familiar scene is starting to change, and it’s becoming easier than ever for startups to thrive without a physical, shared space. Some popular tech companies, like Buffer , have done away with their offices completely, but undoubtedly, some businesses wouldn’t be able to survive without one.

So, here’s the question that really matters: does your startup really “need” an office?

The Benefits of an Office

There are some clear benefits to having a centralized office for your startup:

  • Corporate headquarters.Having a physical office shows legitimacy, and may help you earn the respect and loyalty of your earliest clients. It demonstrates you’re serious about the business, and may even help you earn customers or employees from foot traffic.
  • Face-to-face interactions.Recent data suggests that face-to-face communication is often more successful than other forms (due to a variety of factors, such as body language and interactivity), especially in a business environment. An office naturally gives you this advantage.
  • If you invest in an office, you’ll likely be more motivated to invest in your company. You’ll be prouder to come into work, and work harder when you’re there.
  • Subjective benefits.There are also some anecdotal and subjective benefits to having an office. For example, some people are more productive in an office environment with fewer distractions, and others feel they can maintain a better work-life balance when “work” and “life” are physically separated.

Why Ditch the Office at All?                                               

However, this isn’t to say there aren’t major benefits to getting rid of the office altogether.  Read More……..


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