Borrow $100 Million to $5 Billion against 

  • Gold

  • Diamonds

  • Precious Metals

  • Oil Wells

  • Mines

  • Land or Real Estate

Raw land or Mines: Domestic and International

  • Minimum 70%LTV-90%LTV

Mineral/Oil/Air Rights

  • Minimum 70%-90% LTV

Precious metal: Gold/Silver/Copper/Nickle/Aluminum/Titanium/and any other metal or material

  • Minimum 70%-90% LTV

Diamond: Cut or Raw

  • Minimum 70%-90% LTV

Ruby and other Gems: TBD.

Arts and Artifacts: TBD.

If any of the above assets will be use for project funding.

  • We can go up to 150%-$175% LTV

All asset must be free and clear from any liens.

45 days closing.