Title: Business Advisor


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the TMI & Partners, Ltd.’ services
  • Establish marketing and sales objectives for small and midsize businesses
  • Target small and midsize businesses for presentations
  • Prepare brief action plans
  • Identify client’s business trends, system improvements and recommended changes
  • Maintain rapport with active and past clients
  • Protects TMI’s value by keeping information confidential.  Fulfill marketing and organization mission


  • Knowledge and experience  in your selective profession
  • Have good people and  management skills
  • Sales / Marketing planning skills
  • Competitive analysis and product development skills

Qualifying experience

  • 2-3 years professional experience when selecting a department


  • Biweekly Commission
  • Monthly Commission
  • Residuals


  • Paid Quarterly Vacations
  • Bonus Benefits
  • Cash Bonus
  • Retirement Program
  • Training
  • Medical Benefit Support Funds


Please provide the following information: