The 20/80/100 Funding Program is a Systematized Process designed to bring together; Project Owners, Lenders, and Investors under one roof. Too often project owners are faced with the old situation of “Which Comes First, The Chicken Or The Egg”. Investors are always looking for projects that are profitable and at low risk. Lenders are looking to lend money to projects that are well thought out and can make their payment. Well, the 20/80/100 Funding Program allows all participating parties to develop a working relationship. 

Who is the lender?

TMI & Partners, Ltd has forged a partnership with a lender that will give a Project Owner the ability to receive 80% of funding towards their project. Once the Project Owner has submitted their proposal and all necessary supporting documents, TMI and the Lender will review all materials. When the proposal meets all standards for funding, an LOI will be offered within 7 – 14 days. 

Who is the Investor (s)?

TMI & Partners, Ltd over the past several years, has developed strong relationships with both lenders as well as investors. Each group has its own ideas on projects that suit their interests and overall goals towards their platform. The 20/80/100 Funding Program now allows them to support projects that they are already involved with including reviewing other projects that seek investment opportunities.

Here are the following requirements:

  • Fill out Project Analysis Application if you are an individual or a business owner
  • Global projects can be submitted
  • Applicant must have updated proof of 20% project funding (if not please indicate on application)
  • Project Outline
  • Budget Top Sheet
  • Project / Production  Schedule

Once Project Analysis Application processing is complete and approved, the applicant will receive a Congratulation E-mail and a LOI (Letter Of Intent).  When the applicant Activate the On-Boarding Procedure, the entire process will take between  75 – 90 days to completion. 

Entertainment Structure Development Technology






Theater Production




Manufacturer Development


Airplane / Boat / Auto

Community Municipal

Merger & Acquisition

Property Purchase


Merger & Acquisition

App Development


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Process Steps for 20-80-100 Funding Program Setup

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