Royalty Factoring Made For Artists & Musicians

Our Lending Team offers a new and innovative way to obtain instant cash flow for royalties and can accept music royalty streams including performance rights, mechanical rights, synchronization rights, digital rights, print rights as well as film, television, and publishing contract or royalty payments.


Royalties are an essential part of an artists’ annual income. The problem is, sometimes artists like you must wait months to receive the royalty payments. If you earn a living by creating intellectual property or content that is protected under copyright and need assistance monetizing the cash flow you should be getting, contact:

How it Works

Easy Immediate Flexible

Royalty factoring allows musicians and other artists including actors and performers to get immediate cash in exchange for earned royalties. Rights holders may choose to assign all or a portion of their royalties to Our Lending Team to accelerate their cash flow. You, the artist, retain complete control over your copyright and other intellectual property. There is no requirement to assign 100 percent of your royalty stake to Our Lending Team.

Flexible terms are available based on your immediate and long-term capital requirements. Our Lending Team works directly with you or your management team to understand your needs and goals and then works to create a plan that works to meet them.

Call TMI & Partners, Ltd today and stop borrowing from family and friends while you wait for earned royalty payments to arrive.

  • No more juggling finances while you wait for your royalties to come in

  • No more struggling to pay taxes because your check hasn’t arrived yet

  • No more having to borrow someone else’s money when your hard-earned royalty payments are just waiting to be sent

The Application Process Is Incredibly Simple Too.

  • A copy of your royalty agreement

  • A completed application

  • Formation documents for your LLC or Corporation

  • A valid ID or passport

  • Latest royalty report or accounting statement


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of royalties can I assign?

Our Lending Team accepts royalty streams related to music including performance rights, mechanical rights, synchronization rights digital rights, print rights. Additionally, Our Lending Team also works with those artists who have royalties paid to them for their film, television, and publishing rights.

Can I assign just a portion of my royalty revenue?

Yes. Our Lending Team works with you to determine your funding needs and will structure funding which is tailored to your individual needs. You can assign all or just a percentage of the royalty stream you have earned.

Do I give up my rights?

No. You maintain control over the copyright.

What documentation do I need to provide?

You will need to provide Our Lending Team with details of your royalty stream including the royalty agreement, a royalty statement history, information on the organization which distributes your royalties, etc.


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