Wealth Management Analysis

Fayohne provides a number of Wealth Management Services to individuals, families, and entrepreneurs. These services are provided in their entirety or on a selective basis. When necessary, we will consult with outside experts or subcontract certain aspects of our service to deliver the highest quality advice to our Clients. The services include:

  • Preparation of financial statements, including federal and state income tax projections
  • Basic finance issues such as debt structure, liquidity and cash flow issues
  • Development of Investment Strategies, including hedging and tax-sensitive strategies
  • Income tax strategy optimization, including providing alternative financial and legal structures
  • Education funding
  • Retirement planning as well as accumulation and distribution strategies
  • Estate tax reduction analysis and philanthropic decision-making
  • Trust Services through one of the independent partner trust companies with which we have developed strategic alliances, if applicable
  • Survivor needs analysis
  • Risk Management/Asset Protection, including analysis of all insurance coverages
  • Employee benefits analysis as it pertains to the Client and their family
  • Exercise strategies for stock options, if applicable

As part of the financial planning process, Fayohne develops specific recommendations addressing each of the above-listed areas. Once the recommendations are made, Fayohne will assist in the implementation of the recommendations where possible. A few examples include:

Arranging loans, including mortgages and personal loans with bank lending departments or alternative lenders

Providing a banker with the appropriate financial information to arrange or renew a loan for a Client

Sending financial information to attorneys so they can prepare the necessary estate documents, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare proxies and living wills

Sending income tax information to accountants, such as bonus payments and gain and loss information on the sale of securities, etc., to prepare the income tax return and to make appropriate estimated income tax payments

Requesting information on the policy status of life insurance and annuity policies, as well as all other insurance coverage, on behalf of a Client and their family. (This information includes such items as death benefits, cash values, surrender charges, beneficiaries, tax basis, investment return, etc.)

Calculating the tax basis of securities on behalf of a Client and their family

Requesting insurance quotes on behalf of a Client and their family

Our objective is not necessarily to reduce the complexity of the Client’s financial situation, because sometimes it does make sense to utilize trusts and other strategies to reduce taxes and achieve family friendly objectives. Rather, our goal is to save our Clients the time and energy that it takes to manage their complex situation in order to focus more closely on matters that mean the most to them. During the first twelve months of service, as well as all ensuing years that Fayohne is retained, the Client is entitled to unlimited phone calls, meetings, and advice for their retainer fee. For the second and all subsequent years, retainer fees will be mutually agreed upon each year by the Client and Fayohne Advisors.

Investment Management Analysis:

As an employee benefit to key individuals, employers can provide Investment Management Services offered by Fayohne. Fees paid by the Client can be negotiated, subject to minimums. The Client can select one or more investment strategies from Fayohne’s Investment Management Service offerings.

Investment Advisory Analysis:

A Client can contract with Fayohne on a one-time basis or an ongoing basis about their personal investments. Under this service, Fayohne does not manage any investments. The Client or their designee will make all final decisions relating to the purchase or sale of a particular security. It will also be the Client’s or their designee’s responsibility to implement investment decisions.

Estate Planning Analysis:

If a Client contracts with Fayohne for their personal financial planning services, they can also be provided with estate planning document preparation services.

Advisory Fee $995: