“Multiples” Loan Program

The MULTIPLES Loan Program is a Systematized Process designed to bring together:

Project Owners, Lenders, and Investors under one roof.

  • As the project owner/borrower, you are required to bring a minimum amount of funds to the project (25/33% of the total costs), and our lender can lend you multiples of that initial amount. Our Lender has offered this product to select clients and industries since 2005 and until the end of 2021. Due to changes in the requirements of our Lender’s banking and insurance partners, as well as changes in the marketplace, effective immediately the minimum amount of funds required to qualify for a Multiples loan from 1X to 3x, is limited to Initial Deposits $10M USD and Up.
  • Projects with an Initial Deposit of $100M USD and above can receive a 4x loan.
  • Our Lender does have some alternative solutions available for smaller projects. For those Borrowers who have Under $10M USD in hand, our lender offers a Loan Program that does not involve static “multiples,” but instead, offers a straight 1-1 “Recourse” Loan and the minimum participation starts at $4M USD.


The two versions of the 1:1 Lending Program – one for loans where the client’s initial funds are under $10M, and the other where the client’s initial funds are in excess of $10M.

    This version of the program is for clients who have raised a minimum of $4M USD, but less than the $10M threshold that would qualify them for the other version of the 1:1 Program, or the Multiples Programs.  What this version of the program amounts to is basically an “insurance policy” for the project’s initial funder – but one that pays them to insure their funds, rather than it being a cost to them.
    This version of the program is considerably more “disruptive” and is a unique offering from Our Lender.

Investors will be much easier to find if they know their funds are never at risk. Our lender as well as TMI believe this is one of the most unique offerings on the marketplace, as any project/investor can finance as many productions as they wish, with no risk to the project or investors. Please see Lender’s FAQ Pg. 1, for further information.

Here are The Funding Eligibility, Requirements, and Expectations

  • Pitch Deck
  • Budget Top Sheet
  • Project Outline, Use of Funds & Preferred Drawdown Schedules
  • Your project must have the production elements established. A fully developed Project/Production Business Plan must already be in place. If it’s a film and you only have a script but no budget or production plan, you are not yet ready to be funded.  Your project doesn’t necessarily have to be ready to produce immediately, but it should be basically ready to go.
  • Global projects can be submitted.
  • Minimum funds already raised for the “Multiples” Loan.  There must already be at least the equivalent of $4M to $10M USD ready to deploy into the project, or slate of projects.  As a requirement to qualify for our lenders funding multiples, those “initial funds” must sit idly on the sidelines throughout the loan term, either in your own bank account or under the protection of a regulated bank, in an account in your name. Clients “Initial Deposit” capital are always kept in “safe-keeping”, where these funds are never exposed to any risk.
  • Minimum Initial Deposit of $4M USD.  Other forms of currency may also be used, specifically Pounds Sterling, Rupees, Dirham, and Bitcoin (and other top Cryptos). Some select securities (such as government bonds) may also be used – please contact your TMI Representative for details.  Initial amounts of $4M to $9.5M can be eligible for a 1X loan (a matching amount), $10M to $99M can be eligible for up to a 3X loan, $100M and above can be eligible for up to a 4X loan.
  • Interest Rate is 3.5% or LIBOR + 2 (based on the existing US 12-Month LIBOR rate) – WHICHEVER IS HIGHER at the date of signing of contracts.  The current LIBOR rate can be accessed by this link here: https://www.global-rates.com/interest-rates/libor/libor.aspx
  • Borrower/Client/Project must show updated Proof of Funds of 25/33% “initial amounts” ready to be applied into their project
  • All our Lenders loans must be approved through banking compliance, a process that takes approximately 60 days. If you require funds immediately, and cannot wait for compliance confirmation, your project will not qualify. 
  • The project is funded in traunches as they are consumed into the production, per a monthly draw down schedule (provided by Our Lender’s insurer) as part of the Loan Contract. It will take 7 to 12 months for them to be fully deployed.  If you require all funds on day 1, this program is not suitable for you, and we will not be able to assist you. See Lender’s FAQ Pg. 14, Q33 FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATON.
  • Projects are completed as per the schedule, and the client may execute any of the 4 Repayment Options as outlined in Lender’s FAQ Pg.15, Q36, at their sole discretion.

Acceptable Forms of Proof of Funds

  • Bank Statement showing the required level of funds.  This statement must show the name of the account holder and the banking institution.
  • Investment portfolio showing the required level of funds in cash or highly liquid investments.
    1. If the bank statement or portfolio is held by any person other than the signatory for the borrower, a letter from that person will be required stating they will be providing the initial funds to the project for the purposes of procuring the loan.
  • Letter from registered investment house or wealth management company, on the company letterhead and signed by an authorized representative, stating that project owner or investor has cash or liquid, marketable securities with a market value in excess of the initial funds amount.
    1. If the letter represents funds held by anyone other than the person who is the signatory for the loan, a letter from that person will be required stating they will be providing the initial funds to the project for the purposes of procuring the loan.
  • A formal term sheet from an institutional or private lender stating that the client company has been approved for a loan in the amount of the required initial funds amount.
  •  Statement of credit lines for the borrower showing sufficient available credit on those lines to be able to provide the required initial funds amount.

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