TMI & Partners, Ltd offers more than Business Solution Services.  With offers over 20 complete business solution categories. We are not only able to provide over 75 services that will assist our clients, but we can also implement as well. This categories will cover: 

  1. Financial Planner Solutions
  2. Long Term Funding Solutions
  3. Short Term Funding Solutions
  4. Purchase Order Funding Solutions
  5. Factoring Solutions
  6. Credit Line Solutions
  7. Technologies Solutions
  8. Investment Solutions
  9. Insurance Solutions
  10. Public Relations Solutions
  11. Marketing Solutions
  12. Promotional Solutions
  13. Social Media Solutions
  14. Multi-Media Solutions
  15. Business Development Solutions
  16. Web Solutions
  17. Employees Benefit Solutions
  18. Payment Solutions
  19. Credit Restoration Solutions
  20. Accountant Solutions