Red-Trinity was founded in 2006 in Georgia on the premise of professionalism, high quality, and tailored services to meet all project goals, schedules, and business requirements. We maintain a reputation for delivering LIVE, VIRTUAL, and RESPONSIVE services nationwide. Since communications are high priced, all documents, files and results are transmitted to the client in formats readily accessible by internet capable devices.

Our expertise enables companies to MAXIMIZE their chances of winning bid proposals (RFP, RFQ, IFB) by being better prepared and outmaneuvering their competition. Our goals are to keep, the client, busy day in and day out with new projects by increased pipeline. Red Trinity has a proven track record for increasing sales volume, decreasing advertising costs and creating more visibility for clients, specialists, designers, contractors, and subcontractors.

Red Trinity prides itself with always protecting your information and maintaining your proprietary rights. We make use of industry knowledge, construction efficient software and tools which are readily available for our clients throughout the process. We staff experts to review the workflow of each project and/or process for providing a customized solution, highly polished and creative winning proposition. The customized solutions assist our clients with simplifying their management of projects and help reduce administrative overhead (invoicing, correspondence, budgeting, scheduling, and oversight).



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