Bridge Loan Investor Partner (BLIP)

The Approach to secure a Bridge Loan Investor Partner (BLIP) to trigger our lenders “Multiples Program” or fund your project 100%.

  • Clients with fully vetted Business Plans, Financials and Pitch Decks
  • Clients with no Business Plans, Financials or Pitch Decks
  • Clients with NO Project attached (Project Sponsor)

TMI and BLIP as a team along with their fundraisers and bankers, work collaboratively with you to understand your requirements and produce a strategy to raise capital for you including.

  1. Understand your deal characteristics – geography, sectors, size, market model, stage.
  2. Factor in your preferences of a viable partner.
  3. Curate a target list of investors and crosscheck with your blacklist.
  4. Research on strategic investors.
  5. Review and update your docs to tell your story and optimize it to present and attract funding prospects interest. 
  6. Contact funding prospects with your deal – methodology options:
    • We integrate your alias email for funding prospect outreach, landing you directly in the inbox of potential candidates.
    • Includes tech-based, automated outreach, as well as manual outreach, carried out over – Email and/or LinkedIn.
    • If required, our analyst team will remain available to coordinate your funding prospect calls, be present on those calls and to provide ongoing support with any additional material (attracts a per ticket closure fee, outlined under)
    • Upon being offered a term sheet, the BLIP team will remain available to provide any support to help you decide on proceeding with the transaction (attracts a per ticket closure fee, outlined under).
    • The client may continue to close various tickets until the target amount is raised. BLIP will continue the process until the target amount is raised, or the client decides to terminate the process.

Based on various parameters such as the ticket size of your deal, geography, the sector of operation; BLIP uses an algorithm to curate the right set of funding prospects for you. There is a multi-pronged approach utilized to generate interest for you – BLIP will email and connect via LinkedIn to the funding prospects to give high-level information about the deal. As soon as a funding prospect responds, YOU and TMI take the lead from there and close the deal on the terms most beneficial to you.

How does it work:

A. Email Outreach

1. Create an email pitch (samples provided by BLIP)

2. Get feedback from BLIP IB Analyst on the pitch

3. Dedicate an official email address to investor communication

4. Connect the BLIP API to the official email account

5. Based on the size, sector, geography, market model of your deal, we generate a target investor list; refined based on your blacklist and whitelist.

6. BLIP team commences outreach to relevant funding prospects.

7. BLIP reports to YOU and TMI on a daily basis, the people it is reaching out to and their response to your deal.

8. Funding Prospects respond directly to YOU and TMI.

B. LinkedIn Outreach

1. BLIP uses your LinkedIn account for your campaign.

2. Create a small pitch (300 characters) to be sent along with an invite to a curated list of funding prospects.

3. BLIP will curate a target list of funding prospects based on your company specifics – fundraising requirements, sector, geography, and deal size.

4. BLIP will begin reaching out to funding prospects, starting slow and gradually building up to 500 connections in a month’s time. Once candidates respond, YOU and TMI engage with them, directly.

The main objective of this activity is to build a network of relevant funding prospects on your LinkedIn that you can continue to engage with for your current as well as future rounds.


It will take 2-4 weeks to get your documents ready (If required to create from scratch).

It will take 2-3 days of your documents presented and/or ready and we can begin lining up expressions of interest within 7-10 days post that.


Tranche 1 – One time setup fee of $3500

This setup fee includes:

-Creation of a one-pager pitch

-Outreach to strategic investors shortlisted based on sector, stage, size, geography, and market model of the deal

-Tech and communication setup (API integration)

-Follow-ups with investors

-A campaign manager to be assigned to manage day-to-day processes

-Daily reports on funding prospect activity (including metrics like how many candidates contacted and analytics like, how many potential candidates responded plus a full breakdown of who viewed the deal and from which firm).

-TMI manages responses from Investors & helps schedule calls – Inbox Management and attending funding prospect meetings for negotiations & presentations.

Tranche 2 –

  • Upon successful closure of each ticket, where BLIP has secured a funding prospect for the “Multiples Program” a 1.5% Marketing Fee of the amount closed is due.
  • Upon successful closure of each ticket, where BLIP has secured a 100% funding prospect for any client, a 4.5% Marketing Fee of the amount closed is due.

Additional Services:

-Build Pitch Deck and Financial Model to support the transaction – $2500

-Build Business Plan to support the transaction – $2000

-Dedicated Relationship Manager & Investment Analyst Support – $1500

-Consolidated Deal includes all services at – USD $7500

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