Bridge Loan Partnerships For the Multiples Loan Program

The Multiples Loan Program now allows Bridge Loan Partners to support projects as well as bring other projects that they are already involved with. TMI & Partners, Ltd, has been working to develop strong relationships with several entities who can provide these funds. Each group has its own ideas on projects that suit their interests and overall goals towards their platform. As a condition of their investment, the project owner may need to offer interest payments and/or an equity position in the project to the Bridge Loan Partner.

Project Depositor Bridge Partner

This bridge Partner program is set up by our lender, who is in the loan business, not the Investment Business.  The Bond being utilized is simply a tool that is part of the mechanics of their loan programs.  Whenever funds enter the bond without a specific project attached, it allows our lender to receive additional credit from their bank, which they use to finance projects. All risk is taken on by our lender by lending to the project and it DOES NOT place any encumbrance on the deposited amount, or ever expose it to any risk. 

How does this help them facilitate additional lending?

  • When there is a client with a project requiring financing, but who does not have the required “initial funds”, to help facilitate their loan we seek out groups or individuals who can put up a minimum of $1M+ Euro to help them. 
  • When there is no client project requiring financing, the depositor’s benefit in this program is simply to earn an exceptional rate of return for helping facilitate additional lending capabilities for our lender.
  • The entire involvement for the depositor in this program is to simply receive the Bond, which guarantees their principal. The depositor is not involved with any project itself – the benefit to the depositor is the monthly coupon amount (3.5% of their amount paid out monthly by the issuer/guarantor bank. This is an Australian Banking and Investment Corporation that is co-owned by Credit Suisse – A $1.7 Trillion-dollar Bank, that ranks in the 25 largest banks in the world, and which is licensed through the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL, license number 3XXXX2), and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).  We cannot publish the name of the bank here for compliance reasons, but you will be introduced to this entity early in the process once you have applied for a loan.  You will deal directly with them to be able to vet the bank and the bond to whatever level of due diligence you require.
  • BITCOIN ELEMENT – We all know that Crypto is highly VOLATILE. The downswings can be unnerving. The 3.5% Bond can now offer a Crypto Client a 33.4%/Yr. “HEDGE” against their downside – because they do not have to Sell the Crypto to do this. (33.4% is calculated as 42%/year less the 20% “discount” of using crypto for the bond). When you own Bitcoin for instance, you never make a dime until you SELL it. This means that most Crypto Clients never realize any gains because they want to hold them. With this approach, a client can hold their crypto, while at the same time, have it earn a MONTHLY CASH-FLOW where it never existed before and giving them, ALL the “Upside” that Crypto offers. If their Crypto goes UP, then they still benefit from that growth as well. THIS IS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY…

Some depositors will still ask, “what do we get from the Project?”

  • Because the depositor is exposed to no risk, they do not have any stake in the loan project itself. 
  • The depositor’s participation simply serves to unlock further credit facilities which our lender’s will utilize however they wish. The insurance backing both the initial amount and the monthly coupon amount is fully described by the bond issuer, and they (and Bond documents) will allow you to vet every aspect of their transaction prior to execution.
  • When there is a project involved, from the inception, there is a specific process to follow, which is explained in the Project Depositor Bridge Partner Overview.

Disclaimer: The bond is a licensed and regulated security, the specific details about it, and all due diligence material will come from the Investment Bank, as the licensed seller of the product. The bond issuer will provide all the documentation required so that your team can ensure the no-risk element, as well as the return.

The process to start looking at this opportunity would be for you to provide the required paperwork, then we and our lender will introduce you to the Investment Bank to answer any/all questions and provide all documentation. If you decide to proceed, they will issue you the bond, for your confirmation.

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Straight 20/25% Cash Loan Bridge Partner

If a Client is unable to bring their Initial Deposit of 20/25% to the process, there are two options:

  • In the cases where there is an initial 20% of the total budgetary cost already in place, our Lenders Multiples will be the remaining 80% of the budget, fulfilling the entire financing requirement. If the Bridge Loan Partner provided 20% of the budget, their “Initial Deposit” would be needed to be spent into the project to complete it (as the final 20% of the funding requirement).
  • In the cases where there is an initial 25% of the total budgetary cost already in place, our Lender’s Multiples can be the full 100% of the budget. If the Bridge Loan Partner provided 25%, their “Initial Deposit” is simply returned to them in full.

This Multiples Loan Program puts the “Initial Deposit” in a ZERO risk position, as these funds are never exposed to any risk whatsoever. Any Cash Bridge Loan Partner who brings the “Initial Deposit” is completely secured through Our Lenders system and to reiterate, at the end of the loan distribution to the project, the “Initial Deposit” funds are returned in full.

SBLC Monetization for Initial Deposit Bridge Partner

Our Lender has the ability to monetize instruments, and if a client is using their own SBLC or a leased SBLC as their 20/25% deposit for the Multiples Loan Program, our lender will handle it themselves instead of using a 3rd party monetizer.