Bridge Loan Investor Partner (BLIP) for the Multiples Loan Program or Direct Funding

Bridge Loan Investor Partner (BLIP)

When a client is unable to bring a suitable “Initial Deposit” to the Multiples Loan Program, then a BLIP can step in to provide those funds, as well as provide direct funding for a client’s project:

  • A BLIP can provide the requisite 25-33% on the behalf of the borrower to fulfill the “Initial Deposit” needed for the Multiples Loan Program. Working along with our Multiples Loan Program, the BLIP becomes a “Loan/Project Sponsor” with A Project attached.
  • A BLIP can provide direct funding to a project.
  • A BLIP can also become a “Loan/Project Sponsor” with NO Project attached or;
  • A BLIP can also bring their own projects that they are already involved with to receive additional funding from our Multiples Loan Program.

Whether a BLIP is working with the Multiples Loan Program or becomes a Loan/Project Sponsor, their funds are always in a ZERO risk position; their funds are never exposed to any risk whatsoever. Any participating BLIP bringing an “Initial Deposit” is always completely secured through the system of Our Lenders “Safe Keeping Process” and guaranteed by easily vetted and regulated banks. The provided “Initial Deposit” is always returned in full to the account of origin upon settlement of the loan. Learn More………..

Loan/Project Sponsor

The “Loan/Project Sponsor” Program is coordinated by our lender to fully finance additional projects, while at the same time providing the “Loan/Project Sponsor” an industry-leading rate of return on their capital. The minimum amount to participate is $1M USD, without ever having to place their funds at risk, or ever having to be linked to the risk of the project they are “helping to get financed”.

  • The Loan/Project Sponsor’s funds are guaranteed by a registered and regulated Fixed Income Bond (which guarantees the Sponsor’s principal AND interest), as well as additional bank-to-bank guarantees from our lenders Custodial Banks.  Banks involved as Custodial Banks include HSBC UK, Toronto-Dominion NYC, The Bank of Ireland and Commonwealth Bank in Australia.
  • The Loan/Project Sponsor will be dealing with regulated banks and licensed securities agents to facilitate the Bond process from beginning to end.  Loan/Project Sponsors will be introduced to the involved banks and securities agents early in the process and will be provided complete documentation on the bond (which they can investigate as thoroughly as they require with their securities lawyers and bankers) prior to making their deposit. These licensed and regulated entities will provide everything you need to see that your principal and interest are guaranteed at all times.
  • By participating in the Loan/Project Sponsor program, the presence of the Sponsor’s funds provides our lender with additional credit lines through which they facilitate the financing of additional projects.  HOWEVER, there is no direct tie between the sponsor’s funds and those credit lines – they are not encumbered to them in any way and never exposed to any risk through the process – it is simply the way our Lender has positioned their program with their banking partners that make those additional credit lines possible.
  • When you enter as a Loan/Project Sponsor you will agree to leave your funds in place for a minimum of 12 months; however, the Fixed Income Bond does allow you to withdraw early, if necessary, with 60 days written notice to the involved banks/securities agents. Learn More……..