We know how to use a Business Line of Credit as a valuable component of creating your personal Funding Solutions and know how to utilize it to grow your business.


  • 0% interest for 6-12 months
  • No Minimum length in business
  • Person credit score in all three bureaus
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Credit Score: 725+

How we look and review a credit profile:

  1. 7+ years of personal credit history (not authorized user accounts)
  2. Relationships with major banks/lenders (Chase, Citi, AMEX) vendor cards such as department store cards or other retailers do not give their profile any “strength”
  3. High credit limits with major lenders ($10k+) again, must be their own personal account(s), not authorized users
  4. Low inquiries (5+ on any one bureau in the last 12 months is almost a guaranteed automatic decline)
  5. Low number of recently opened accounts (3+ in the last 12 months is an automatic decline)
  6. No negatives, with bankruptcies and any collections (open or closed) being an automatic denial
  7. Total credit utilization under 30% and total credit card debt less than $20,000

If you are trying to acquire personal term loans

  1. All of the above credit requirements
  2. Must show a current personal income of $50k+ a year
  3. Debt to income ratio under 35%
  4. Mortgage history/equity in your home is a major plus
  5. Personal loan history with other major lenders is a plus

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