Objectives of “Excellence in Service”

  • To emphasize and demonstrate the value and benefits of excellence in customer service and courtesy.
  • To emphasize the impact of customer service on the company evaluation and the bottom-line towards the company overall services.
  • To encourage teamwork and emphasize its value.
  • To motivate participants to “consistently” embrace and take personal responsibility of service excellence and to uphold the company’s customer service standards commitment to its consumers and community.

Let us help ease your pain! We provide:

  1. Customer Service Training
  2. Leadership Training
  3. Superior Hospitality

Topics Include

  • Customer/Client and Employee Relations
  • Attitude and Change / Going the Extra Mile
  • Intuitive Problem Solving
  • Outstanding Teammates—Vertical Synergy
  • Increasing Your Added Value to the Company
  • Presentation, Posture, Dress for Success and Poise
  • Speech and Vocal Dynamic