Are parents allowed to go on the tour? 

Only the ONE DAY TOURS. The (2-3) day tours are designed to allow students to experience the independence of college and to depend on themselves and their fellow students.

How will parents be able to track their children?

Each parent is provided with a tracking sheet. This sheet will have a daily location of hotels and contact information.

How many chaperones are there on tour?

There will be (4) chaperone

How do you pick your chaperones? 

The client will provide their own chaperones.

How long do the students stay on the Bus?

During our daily travels, visiting schools and before reaching the next hotel, students can be on the bus for approximately (6 –9  hours per day).

What medical experience are available on the tour?

At least (1) chaperone has Basic First Aid experience.

What is free time available for the tour?

Students will have some variety of free time during the tour.  The bulk of the free time will take place during the hotel stay.

Regulations & Rules of Attire

Attire: Campus visits

Students are required to attend all orientations dressed in business casual attire.


Slacks, shirt, shoes, (no Timberland type boots or sneakers during campus visits (work), jacket or sweater (no artwork or logos).


Suits (pants or skirt), dress, skirts (no more than four (4) inches above the knee), flats or low heels. Jackets or sweaters (no artwork or logos)

All students:

Appearance must be neat. Hair must be neat.  You can wear braids but they must be perfectly neat.  No Du-rags, kerchiefs, bandanas or sweat bands. No excessive jewelry.

A continental breakfast is provided at each hotel and all lunches are provided by the school’s cafeteria

Attire after daily tours: 

Males: No pants hanging below the waist and no holes or tears. No Du-rags outside of the bus. No offensive writing or artwork on clothing. Boots must be laced and tied.  NO SAGGING PANTS!

Females: No short skirts, shorts, low cut tops or revealing or tight fitting clothing. No holes or tears.

Once we have finished our last visit of the day if students want to change into traveling clothes they may. This will be done using the bus restroom only! We will not allow students to go out of a group to use the school facilities.


Students are not to be outside of their rooms in sleepwear, underwear, shirtless or shoeless