• SS# of owner(s) and DOB

  • Must be signed by owner(s) and dated within 30 days of submission

  • Business start date – especially for sole proprietorship and Canadian companies

  • Indicate what the company does/industry – what do they make? Sell? What service? – be specific

  • Time in business must be at least 1 year (Contractors must be in business for at least 10 years)

  • We will not process applications for companies located in Quebec or Nova Scotia.

  • Provide at least 4 most recent months of bank statements (all statements submitted will be evaluated)

  • Provide at least 4 most recent months of processing statements (if available)

  • Average bank deposits must be at least $10,000; average number of deposits must be 8+

  • Average processing must be at least $4,000; merchant must batch at least 4 times a month on average

  • Applications will be rejected if there are excessive overdraft days – Average of 8 for credit card deals,

  • Average of 4 for total deposit deals.


Welding repair

Specialty hospitals

Veterinary Services

Specialist physicians

Pets & pet supplies – retail

Psychiatrists & psychoanalysts


Optical goods – retail

Music & drama schools

Medical equipment repair

Luggage & leather goods

Packaging & labeling service

Landscape services

Household appliance repair

Boiler & heating repair

Bridal shops – retail


Commercial photography

Computer maintenance & repair

Dance studios, schools & halls

Dairy products – retail

Dry cleaning

Dentists (licensed)

Electrical repair (not contractor)

Door & Window Products – retail

Formal wear – retail

Gifts & novelties – retail

Florist – retail


computer rental

copying services

Candy & chocolates – retail

Nurseries & garden centers – retail


Waste cleaning services

Speech specialists

Sporting goods – retail

Shoes – retail

Personal development schools

Meat & fish markets – retail

Nutrition specialists

Lock & key services

Instruction schools, camps & services

Hardware – retail

Beverage stores, non-alcoholic – retail

Tourist attractions, amusement park concessions

Bicycle & motorcycle rental services

Psychologists, psychotherapists & hypnotists

Customized clothing & apparel – retail

Shoe repair, shoeshine parlors

Gourmet food stores – retail (not deli)

Animal training, grooming, boarding

Art, picture frames & decorations – retail

Swimming pools, hot tubs & sauna – retail

Beach & water sports equipment rental & services

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