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(Group tours start at 45 Students or more. NO SINGLE STUDENT BOOKING)

HBCU Bus Tours is a combination of both Historically Black Colleges and mainstream Colleges and Universities.  The Tour is a 30-year service of TMI & Partners, Inc. formerly The Brown/Parish Black College Bus Tour.  The tours have helped thousands of high school students to experience being on college campuses, many for the first time.  Students get to identifying with schools they want to attend and quite often the enrollment process is begun during their visit to the school of their dreams.

Our basic tours consist of 1 – 3-day tours which involve visiting between 2 – 6 colleges chosen by our clients. Campuses include  Historically Black Colleges and Universities as well as other well-known schools on the selected route.  The tour encourages students to consider attending an HBCU or another college while guiding students on how to seek financial assistance and meeting the basic requirements for enrollments.

Visiting a college campus is a penetrating experience for every student whose family expects their daughter or son to attend college. Students often come away from the tour experience, with more than one school occupying their minds as potential candidates for their enrollment.  This is exactly the impact HBCU Bus Tours has on most students returning from a tour.

A typical (1) day tour, students will visit two colleges. On a (2 or 3) day tour, students leave their hotel room each day at around 7:30am traveling to the first college. There they will spend approximately 1.5 to 2 hours on the campus learning about the college, it’s curriculum and admission policy.    Students then travel to the second college, have lunch on the campus and start the college tour process again. After the final college of the day, students head to the next city.

1 Day Tour

  • 50 Students
  • 2-3 Colleges
  • Total Cost: $9,500

2 Day Tour

  • 45 Students
  • 4-6 Colleges
  • Total Cost: $19,500

 3 Day Tour

  • 45 Students
  • 6-8 Colleges
  • Total Cost: $23,500


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