Asset Backed Bank (LOC) Project Analysis In-Take Form

Welcome to your Asset Backed Bank (LOC) Funding Process. This is a continuation of the steps in fundiing your process.

Please follow the directions to complete the Project Analysis Intake Package. You must download the Documents, sign and initial where applicable and then upload them into the Intake form along with all the other required information.

“Our Investor” FundingNet is one of the largest commercial private wealth Investors in the market, providing financing across diverse industries to help bring their borrowers’ projects to completion and their acceptance rate for projects is considerably higher than most conventional Investors or venture capitalists.

Once I receive your Intake Package, I will initiate a call between you, your BA or Broker, and I to discuss your project.

Thank you for allowing TMI & Partners, Ltd to represent you on your journey to fund your Project.

Courtney Barrett Bryan Sr., VP Funding & Entertainment

Documents Download

TMI Asset Backed Bank LOC Client Process and Procedures

TMI Finders Fee Agreement

Fundingnet FAQ

Project Analysis Intake Package

Please download link if you need additional time to upload documents