Project Sponsor Program

The “Project Sponsor” Program is coordinated by our lender to fully finance additional projects, while at the same time providing the “Project Sponsor” an industry-leading rate of return on their capital. The minimum amount to participate is €1M Euros (or USD equivalent), without ever having to place their funds at risk, or ever having to be linked to the risk of the project they are “helping to get financed”.

The Bank (and Bond documents) allows you to vet every aspect of the transaction prior to execution. The ability of our lender to receive the expansion of credit is due to their deal with the issuing bank – and it does not encumber your funds in any way or put them at any risk as collateral for the project or for the credit expansion. It simply brings you a great benefit for helping facilitate further lending. Our lender can then go on to finance Projects, but the projects are yet “To Be Determined”

How does this help them facilitate additional lending?

  • Whenever funds enter the bond with or without a specific project attached, the Project Sponsor simply participates in this federally regulated bond, where their capital is exposed to no risk and because of their participation in the bond, our lender (through their relationships with their banks) is afforded additional credit in the same amount of the project sponsor’s deposit, to lend to projects. All risk is taken on by our lender by lending to the project and it DOES NOT place any encumbrance on the deposited amount, or ever expose it to any risk. 
  • The issuer/guarantor is an Australian Banking and Investment Corporation that is co-owned by – A $1.7 Trillion-dollar Bank, that ranks in the 25 largest banks in the world, and which is licensed through the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL, license number 3XXXX2), and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).  Due to Banking Compliance Restrictions, on a public website, TMI and its lender are not able to name the Federally Regulated Bank that will handle the pledging of your funds, the Coupon Bond, and the payment of your Interest.
  • With our lender, your funds would go into the bond issuer’s account at one of the Custodial Banks, rather than into your own sub account. Our lender has eliminated any risk to you by arranging that the Custodial Banks will contact the project sponsor’s/client’s bank (where the funds would be coming from) to assume full liability for their deposit and show how it is going into a non-depletion account; that is, an account where funds coming in can only be returned to the account of origin).  In effect, these Custodial Banks offer their own 100% guarantee of the security of funds. Additionally, the bond itself guarantees both principal and interest, and if there is any default (meaning the project sponsor/client does not receive their interest at any point) the project sponsor/client’s funds are immediately returned.  So, there is still a “double guarantee” in place.
  • The reason for this is that in order for our lender to receive the credit line resulting from the sponsor’s involvement, their deposit (whether moved to the bank in question or blocked to the bond at their own bank) has to be with an account set up to generate those credit lines – at HSBC, TD and Bank of Ireland; this has been set up for the Bond Issuer’s non-depletion account.  This is the typical type of money movement associated with any security – usually the money has to “go into the investment” and be sent to the security’s account.  Here it doesn’t “go into the investment”, it is simply held in the appropriate non-depletion account.
  • Remember, there is always the option of leaving the funds in a project sponsor/client’s own bank, at a 20% discount (and to do this they have to participate with a minimum of $12.5M, discounted to $10M, and the bank holding the funds must be a top tier bank).
  • While our lender is solely in the business of furnishing Private Loans, and not the Investment Business, it is paramount that you have a partner that is beyond reproach, who can secure your funds and provide you with a safe and reliable rate of interest for your time, effort, and commitment to aiding our business.
  • In the case of the Project Sponsor Program, this Bank acts as both “Issuer” as well as “Guarantor” of the Fully Regulated Coupon Bond that pays a guaranteed monthly return.  The Bank bonds your funds and guarantees the rate of return while your funds are never put at any risk, or ever depleted.

CRYPTO ELEMENT – Crypto Currencies are highly VOLATILE. The downswings can be unnerving. Our Lenders Bond Program can be used with the top crypto currencies (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum) to also realize the monthly payouts from the Bond issuer/guarantor bank.  Under most circumstances crypto-currency owners never realize any profit until the crypto-currency is sold.  But participation in our Multiples or Project Sponsor Program provides the crypto owner a significant MONTHLY CASH-FLOW from their crypto holdings. And if they believe that their Crypto is going to fall in value, they can instead exchange their coins into cash to acquire their Bond. 

How does it all work?

Firstly, Clients will have the option to KEEP THEIR CRYPTO IN CRYPTO FORM.  They will enjoy any growth in the value of their Crypto, while ALSO receiving a guaranteed return (for the Multiples program) or (for the Loan Sponsor Program) that provides a HEDGE against Crypto’s downside.  The return is a monthly cashflow that their idle Crypto presently does not provide. Their monthly payout can then be paid out to them as Cash or as Coin, whichever they prefer.

Crypto Value – At the end of the term they will receive their Deposit back in cash or Crypto (client’s choice). Their Coin value is locked in when they participate in our Lender’s Bond Program. While their coin value will STILL be affected by the market movement for Coins, it does not affect their position within the Program…THIS IS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY.


Some depositors will still ask, “what do we get from the Project?”

  • Since the depositor is exposed to no risk, they do not have any stake in the loan project itself; their benefit is the very high annual return.
  • The depositor’s participation simply serves to unlock further credit facilities which our lender’s will utilize however they wish. The insurance backing both the initial amount and the monthly coupon amount is fully described by the bond issuer, and they (and Bond documents) will allow you to vet every aspect of their transaction prior to execution.
  • When there is a project involved, from the inception, there is a specific process to follow, which is explained in the Project Sponsor Overview.

Disclaimer: Since the bond is a licensed and regulated security, all specific details about it, and all due diligence material will come from the Investment Bank, as the licensed seller of the product. The bond issuer will provide all the documentation required so that your team can ensure the no-risk element, as well as the return. TMI and its lender has absolutely no involvement in anything Bond related – we are not part of the bond issue or the Investment Bank and are not involved with the project sponsor’s funds – it is entirely between them and the Bank.

The process to start looking at this opportunity would be for you to provide the required paperwork, then we and our lender will introduce you to the Investment Bank to answer any/all questions and provide all documentation. If you decide to proceed, they will issue you the bond, for your confirmation.

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SBLC Monetization for Initial Deposit

Our Lender has the ability to monetize instruments, and if a client is using their own SBLC or a leased SBLC as their 25-33% deposit for the Multiples Loan Program, our lender will handle it themselves instead of using a 3rd party monetizer.