TMI & Partners, Ltd has forged a partnership with Private Providers and Associates for the issuance of financial instruments, in this case “an SBLC,” that will give a Depositor/Client the ability to receive multiples from their deposit.

TMI & Partners is the Business Solutions Company that is providing the access to this SBLC Non-Recourse Funding Program. Over the past several years, TMI has developed strong relationships with both project owners, lenders as well as investors. Each group has its own ideas on projects that suit their interests and overall goals towards their platform.


The providers are offering to give a depositor/client, the ability to purchase and then monetize their SBLC for 100 times the amount that the depositor/client brings to the table. The client receives 70% of the face value of the monetized SBLC, less fees, which makes it possible to lend the depositor/client SEVENTY TIMES their initial amounts as a non-recourse loan. Depositor/Client fills out the in-take step and is put in contact with the fiduciary who will answer all their questions and move them through the program.

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