KMGI Enterprises, Inc. is a company designed to assist the small and medium size entertainment companies and Professionals that need assistance with the development concepts, scripts and business plans. We are also instrumental in creating content, producing content, providing post-production and Internet distribution. We can also provide social media consulting, marketing and promotional services to build your company’s brands, services, products, content and IP’s.


CONCEPT– We will sit down with you and your team flush out the concept that suits your campaign. Our create Directors will take look at your intellectual properties and analyze your target markets and outline the best possible strategies for your campaign.

DEVELOPMENT – Once the concept is ready for development, we start the process of making commitments with regards to style, theme, events, outline, treatments, animations, scripts, execution, marketing & promotional strategies, special events, music, distribution, social media and merchandise choices. The goal is to have a completely developed package, which becomes our blueprint for the production phase of the project.

PRE-PRODUCTION – Now that we have a fully developed package, we can now start to organize the execution of the project in the pre-production phase. Here we will select and research the best corporate partners, vendors, cast and crew to hire for the production phase of the project.


PRODUCTION – In the production phase of the project is where it get fun. We are now able to produce the concept into a tangible product. Doing the homework in the Concept, Development and Pre-Production allows our team to execute with the highest efficiency possible.


POST-PRODUCTION – In post-production the final strokes are applied to make everything look and feel beautiful for final presentation. Once the project is complete, we are now ready to implement the distribution. We will already now what distribution companies we would pitch from the research we did in pre-production. Now we can  make a decision on what distribution outlets we want to pursue and lock down a deal.

DISTRIBUTION – Now that we have made the comment on our distribution partners. We can now put into motion our cross-promotion partners and tie in distribution locations with our marketing and promotional strategies.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Advanced Media Productions offers social media marketing campaign development services that help clients engage with existing communities and expand their social media user base. The service assists clients with the set-up and management of customized cross-channel social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and blog functionality and integrate those with the clients’ web site through Share and Connect buttons. Social media is initiated on social media web sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Google+, Digg, Delicious, blogs and relies on the premise that a marketing message, packaged in exceptionally good, outrageous or unique content, in the form of video, text, audio or widgets, can be vitally distributed throughout the social web by inviting people to interact and share the content with other people.

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