TMI Lending Programs

TMI & Partners, Ltd over the past several years, has developed strong relationships with both lenders as well as investors. Each group has its own ideas on projects that suit their interests and overall goals towards their platform. Our customize Lending Programs now allows our funding partner to support projects while taking on FULL FINANCIAL RISK.

Who is the lender?

TMI & Partners, Ltd has forged a partnership with a lender that will give a Project Owner the ability to receive 80 – 100% of funding towards their project. Once the Project Owner has submitted their proposal and all necessary supporting documents, TMI and the Lender will review all materials to move them seamlessly through the entire funding process.


80/100 Funding Program

The 80/100 Funding Program is a Systematized Process designed to bring together; Project OwnersLenders, and Your Investors under one roof. Too often project owners are faced with the old situation of “Which Comes First, The Chicken Or The Egg”. Investors are always looking for projects that are profitable and at low risk. Lenders are looking to lend money to projects that are well thought out and can make their payment. Well, the 80/100 Funding Program allows all participating parties to develop a working relationship. Learn More……….

Line of Credit (LOC) Asset Pledge Funding Program

The Line of Credit (LOC) Asset Pledge Funding Program process is designed to allow Our Investor the ability to offer clients who have projects and have the appropriate banking relationships in place, to be funded without having to have the usual pre-requisite 20% funding already in place.  Under this process, Our Investor will work with the client and their bank to set up dedicated credit lines, fully underwritten by Our Investor assets, that will fully fund the client’s project, with an equal amount of credit to be extended to Our Investor for its own programs. This puts the project owner in a ZERO risk position, as their funds are never exposed to any risk whatsoever. Learn More……..