What would you say if I told you at a CLICK of a button TMI Public Relations / Marketing Suite can perform the following services?

  • Broadcast your Press Release nationally /internationally
  • Twitter your Press Release
  • FaceBook your Press Release
  • Monitor your Press Release
  • Engage your Press Release for interviews
  • Develop and Broadcast your own national newsletter
  • Launch e-mail campaigns towards your own clients
  • Drive donations through multiple avenues
  • And there is still more to come………………..

Through the use of technology and experience staff members, TMI Public Relations / Marketing Suite is able to offer its clients advance PR Branding Opportunities at affordable cost.  TMI Public Relations / Marketing Suite will enable our clients to broadcast their stories, missions, objectives as well as fund raising campaigns and monitor all opportunities under one roof.  Let us bring you the elegance and superiority services of PUBLIC RELATIONS and MARKETING.


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