Building A Dream “Business Course”

Building A Dream “Business Course” is a Four Week Business Development / Expansion Program.  The goal of the program is to support start up business as well as assisting existing business toward expansion.  Each class is approx. 90 minutes. Teaching will be conducted in the first hour.  The remaining thirty minutes will be implementing what we learned thru the software.

Week One:

  • Planning for A Successful Business
  • Implementation Step:  Create a lender-compliant business plan with financial projections using a State Of The Art, cloud-based platform.

Week Two:

  • Building Business Credit
  • Develop an optimized Personal Financial Statement and credit profiles for optimization (including the creation of a strong business credit profile, i.e, Dun & Bradstreet PAYDEX score allowing the business to access credit under the EIN versus SSN of the owner(s).

Week Three:

  • Educational Topic:  Financial Management
  • Implementation Step:  Complete a Financial Needs Analysis and establish a long-term financial plan.

Week Four:

  • Creative Financing “Traditional /Nontraditional”
  • Create a “Capital Match” to identify the best source(s) of capital based upon each participant’s unique circumstances.  Examples of available capital include affordable SBA loans, investment capital (Equity Financing)


At the end of the thirty-day program, participants are rewarded with:

1.    A Certificate of Completion acknowledging their diligence and new knowledge.

2.    A lender/investor-compliant business plan* package for both internal use and, if desired, to access funding.

3.    Improved knowledge and access to capital resulting in a more profitable and better-positioned business, i.e., stronger Dun & Bradstreet PAYDEX score, improved bank rating, funding needed to start/grow a business, etc.

*Business plan includes a one-page “pitch sheet”, executive summary, opportunity description (problem, solution, target market, competitive analysis), execution plan (marketing plan, sales plan, operations plan, key milestones), company information (ownership team, management bios, advisors), financial plan (key assumptions, revenue, expenses, profitability, use of funds, source of funds), financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement), industry-specific benchmarking, etc.  We can also link your accounting software, like QuickBooks, to create and maintain a virtual dashboard as an on-going management tool.

Dr Perry L Austin Instructor

Dr. Austin has earned two bachelor’s degrees one from the University of Maryland with a degree in Communications. A degree in Project Management with a minor in mobile technology from ITT Tech.
Dr. Austin also received an Honorary Doctrine in Christian Leadership from Rodney Jackson International Bible College & Seminary – a fully Accredited School of Theology in El Paso Texas.

Dr. Perry L. Austin is one of a kind! His ability to see the unseen and develop people in their gifting is incredible. He has the ability to coach, inspire, increase, celebrate, motivate to move his clients/students into another dimension of their life. He moves at a speed that is necessary to the individual as well as the groups of people he trains. His motto is to “Learn It, Live It, Lead It”.

Special Guest Instructor

M. O’Neal Brazier Economic Specialize/Strategist

M. O’Neal Brazier is an economic development professional specializing in the strategic advancement and operational management of mission-driven organizations. Possesses background in leadership, management consulting and leadership capacity-building in the private, public and nonprofit sectors nationwide. Experienced in planning and implementing transformational initiatives across multi-faceted institutions of up to $130M in revenue and 3,500 employees. Led grant proposals for up to $100M. Proven ability to lead and develop multi-disciplinary teams. Controls for financial, operational and programmatic performance and risk. Perform thorough risk analysis for potential applicants in Australia, Canada, U.S and U.K. Currently a Business Development Officer at Trufund Financial Services, Inc assisting businesses to access to capital  while analyzing their risk while laying foundations for scale. Brings diverse background; holistic and empowering approaches; robust business and entrepreneurial acumen.

Experience includes: MWBE development and technical assistance; risk analysis; financial planning; underwriting (traditional, SBA, SME and MCA); microfinance and small business financing; financial literacy and empowerment; public/private partnerships; banking and financial services; FinTech; health and human services; building trades; higher education; government services; economic and community development.

Course Date and Time

Enrollment Fee ONLY $895

 March 1st – March 22nd7 pm -8:30 pmMarch 6th – March 27th  1 pm-2:30 pm
April 5th – April 26th7 pm -8:30 pmApril 3rd  – April 24th1 pm-2:30 pm
May 3rd – May 24th7 pm -8:30 pmMay 1st – May 22nd1 pm-2:30 pm
June 7th – June 28th7 pm -8:30 pmJune 5th – June 26th1 pm-2:30 pm
July 6th – July 26th7 pm -8:30 pmJuly 10th – July 31st1 pm-2:30 pm
Aug 2nd – Aug 237 pm -8:30 pmAug 7th – Aug 281 pm-2:30 pm
Sept  7th – Sept 27th7 pm -8:30 pmSept 11th – Sept 27th 1 pm-2:30 pm
Oct 4th – Oct 25th7 pm -8:30 pmOct 2nd – Oct 23rd1 pm-2:30 pm

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