TMI Lender/Investor Programs


TMI & Partners, Ltd has forged a partnership with a Private Lender/Investor that will give a Project Owner the ability to receive 80% to 100% of funding towards their project. TMI & Partners, Ltd over the past several years has developed strong relationships with both project owners, lenders as well as investors. Each group has its own ideas on projects that suit their interests and overall goals towards their platform.


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Private Loans

Traditional LendingProject Financing    
Invoice Factoring  Debt Financing   
Start-Up FinancingInvestor Protection Fund
COVID Protection FundCharity Enhancement

Year founded: 2005

Project Range: $2 million to $5 Billion.

Number of Projects Funded: Over 350

Total Funding to date: Over $18 Billion

Current Portfolio: Over $6 Billion

The critical aspect of successfully completing any project is the ability to balance the need for external capital with the ability to protect existing Investment Capital. Our Lender/Investor Model, whether applied for lending or for Capital Appreciation, provides the opportunity to ensure that your existing funds are fully protected throughout any process. As a Private Lender, Our Lender/Investor is able to expedite the approval process, offer a lower interest rate than the industry standard, and structure deals to help you bring your project to a successful conclusion without becoming mired in debt.

With our lender/investor programs, your “initial funds” either remain in your own bank account if the amount is $10M/Euros or more and you bank with a “top Tier” Bank in an acceptable jurisdiction or in your own designated account, if less than $10M/Euros, at the Assigned “safe keeping” Bank. This account is 100% insured. You, the borrower will be contacted by the Banker to handle the setting up of the account when your loan deal reaches that point in the process.


Dealing with a private company like Our Lender/Investor is a unique experience because it requires a paradigm shift in the borrower’s expectations. Because they are not a traditional “Retail Lender,” they are able to offer much lower interest rates than you normally find in the marketplace, at more desirable terms and conditions. Whether you are used to dealing with a bank, a retail lender, a VC, or other investor, they provide funding at rates and terms that are more beneficial to the borrower than those typically found in the open market.

The challenge for any borrower then becomes determining whether they can operate within the world of Private Lending as opposed to a “Retail Experience,” which is structured to offer you the standard website storyboard with a typical marketing pitch. In reality they will never “audition” for your business, and the references you would typically see from a retail lender is not something that they will provide for ethics and confidentiality reasons.

This is precisely why they go to great lengths to make sure that you are never placed at any risk within any of their programs. Furthermore, they have a stringent yet straightforward set of protocols that must be followed in order for them to clear their own Compliance requirements in order for you to secure your loan; it is solely up to you whether you wish to follow those steps and complete a deal successfully.

TMI Lender/Investor Programs

Multiples Loan Program

Asset Backed Bank Credit Line Funding Program

SBLC 100% Funding Program

Investor Protection Fund

Non-Recourse/Non-Repay Loans


Proof of Funds

Business Plan/Appraisals/Pertinent Documents

Use of Funds Schedule

Our Lender/Investor Loan Application Form 

Signed “LENDER FAQ” Document 

Articles of Incorporation 

Board Resolution

Copy of Signatory’s Passport 

Letter from Lender/Investor posting the Initial 25/33.3%, stating they are making their funds available