Investor Charity Program

Many charities have found it exceedingly difficult to raise money in their traditional manner due to restrictions on public gatherings and travel. In order to help as much as we could to make up this shortfall for these charities, we have changed our two programs in order to;

  1. Never deplete the funds raised for the charity and focus on a recurring revenue stream from these deposits.
  2. Create a recurring revenue stream for financing the charity on an ongoing basis, rather than just a one-time match.
  3. Provide a fully regulated product for smaller donations that create a secure return for both the supporter and the charity.

With this our Investor Charity Program has created the following program:

Our investor and you will set up a deposit account in a “Top 20” Bank in the name of either the Charity, the Supporter, or whomever the charity designates as Fiduciary for the funds. They have only a few requirements of this account:

  1. It must be in a “Top 20” Bank in the UK, or any other good Jurisdiction such as Western Europe, USA, Canada, Australia etc.
  2. The Initial Deposit of funds be OVER $10 million USD, or equivalent.
  3. Our investor will need to add one of their banking compliance team as a Signatory to that account, giving them the ability to “View” the account to ensure it remains under depleted and unencumbered, and they will need to work with the bankers to structure this account for our program. By setting specific permissions through the use of dual signatures etc., the capital is protected from anything more than “viewing” occurring.
  4. With each account deposit set-up, it will take roughly 60 days to structure the charitable funding; however after 60 days this will provide the charity proceeds of twenty-five percent (25%) of the deposit amount each month, for the entire time these funds remain on deposit.

Deposits may be added to this account at any time; however, each new deposit will need to go through their own individual 60 day structuring initially.

Because these funds remain in the name of the Charity, Supporter or Fiduciary and remain entirely in their control at all times, this is an extremely popular structure. Their funds stay on their books at all times, and any interest that the depositing bank pays, will also go entirely to the Charity.

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