Corporate Team

Alvin Hartley, CEO/President, Senior Manager

Extensive background and experiences include over 25 years of Strategic Planning, and dedicated Leadership to TMI & Partners, LTD. Alvin has assisted many organizations in developing Customer Service and Leadership Training, Sales Training, Marketing Plans, Marketing Budgets, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Concepts, Training and aligning their Corporate Vision in order to achieve their business objectives. “In Your Face”, Grassroots Marketing. This style of marketing helped increase brand awareness as well as an increase in sales.

Marketing Strategy:
Successfully orchestrated the support of Time Warner Cable, Calvin Klein (CK) Jeans and Black Entertainment Television (BET) together as major sponsors of the New York City Inner City Games. (A national community youth program co-chaired by Arnold Schwarzenegger) Ascertained support for major projects from Coca Cola, Reebok, Pepsi, Verizon, Burger King, AT&T, Coors, Gatorade, KFC, and many more. Regional Marketing /Sales Rep for national lifestyle Benefits Company (Medical, Business, Individuals)

Marketing Vision:
Pioneered the first African American and Hispanic Triathlon Club in America. Conceptualized and created several successful innovative corporate opportunities such as The New York City Duathlon Series, Negril Sprint Triathlon (Jamaica), The Nutrament New Harlem 10K Foot Race (New York City), Black College Reunion (Florida), and 165th Street Mall Holiday Events. National Historical Black College Bus Tours (College Recruiter)

Marketing Concepts:
Reenergized major clients marketing efforts by effectively developing promotional campaigns using Print, Electronic Media, Brochures, Direct Mail, Special Events, Community Programs, Internet, Cable TV, National Networks, CD presentations and grassroots one-on-one marketing teams.

Simone Godette, Chief Financial Officer

Simone Godette is a Registered Professional Nurse with 25 years of nursing experience in Neonatal Intensive care, Long Term Care, Practice Management, Administration and Nursing Operations leadership and Quality Management. Godette-Hartley attained her Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing, and Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in General Management from Metropolitan College of New York, in which she graduated with Sigma Beta Delta Honors. Ms. Godette-Hartley has worked as a leader involving educating medical groups in the importance of preventive and Quality care, working on initiatives involved in using the cutting edge in mobile technology to connect with patients to promote positive health based outcomes. While utilizing the incentives available in educating patients, using social media, and the current advances in technology to promote quality and preventive health, she was able to optimize the patient-provider experience in preventive quality care and patient satisfaction though HEDIS and HCC.

Ms.. Godette currently works with a company as Managing Partner to provide oversight and business leadership in the areas of financial, operational and business solutions to the their day to day senior operational team, management team and new small business clients. Her roles include acquisition and management of small business clientele, assessing their diagnostic profiles, assessing whether the solution for the requires a business, financial or operational practical solution. Additionally she is responsible for implementing practical solutions for clients that will increase revenue, growth and expansion.

Mal Woolfolk, Vice President, Senior Manager Corporate & Client Development

TMI&PARTNERS is a National Small Business Resource Cooperative ,which provides Finance ,Investment and Business Consultation .TMI&PARTNERS coordinates 43 national corporation cooperative partners resulting in Zero small business management stress usually associated with efforts to grow your company. Please take a moment to visit our site We look forward to supporting your continued success.

Wayne .D. Martin II, Vice President Operation, Junior Manager Corporate & Client Development

Wayne Martin II, Owner of A & O Society Networking, LLC serves as VP of Operations. With more than 10 years of experience in television and music production, networking and merchandising, Mr. Martin helps clients take advantage of a customized B2B platform for communications. As a result, business owners and founders can ask questions, share ideas and develop long-term relationships to expand their market and qualify for business funding. In keeping with the A&O mission to provide its clients with business development solutions, the TMI partnership allows its clients to build their network to drive business value and growth.

Courtney Barrett Bryan Sr., Secretary, Vice President of Funding & Entertainment

Courtney E. Barrett Bryan, Sr., is a lifelong journeyman entrepreneur. Mr. Barrett Bryan is the VP of Funding & Entertainment at TMI & Partners, Ltd. He oversees all entertainment and media-related ventures as to their Business and Funding Solutions needs, as well as the Funding for various types of projects, $5M and above.
He is co-founder, VP and Secretary of Do Me A Solid, Inc., an online T-Shirt company; President of Solid Media Group, a film, literary, and arts production company; co-founder of Solid Records, Inc., and partner in the production company Abstract Minds, LLC. Mr. Barrett Bryan was also a partner at Patwell Consultants, LLC, where they help small businesses with their corporate responsibilities and tax preparation. He is CEO/President of Traxx of Truth Enterprises, LLC, which until recently, were owners, management, and administration for the TV Show CAT TRAXX and the Blues Band The TRUTH featuring Cat Rhodes. He oversaw the day-to-day operations, including, drafting contracts, banking, bookkeeping, social media accounts, and all other matters of an administrator. 
During the decade of the 90’s he worked along with Mr. Hartley on many of their early Marketing Stategies, Visions and Concepts. His background of expertise includes Event Planning, Concert Promotions, Artist Management & Development, Marketing and Promotions, Music, Television, and Video Productions and in 2009 he received a Diploma in Creative Writing and has held licenses in real estate sales, insurance (life, health, auto, and home) and securities (series 6), a hack for an NYC taxicab driver and tax preparer; all guided by administrative leadership, amassed over the past 40 years in various fields, including small business consultation, bookkeeping and tax preparation, real estate sales, renovation and new construction; entertainment consultation; marketing and promotion specialists; online t-shirt design and sales; retail sales; taxi cab transport; writer and reality show creator.