Commodity Trading Advisory Firm

TMI & Partners, Ltd has forged a partnership with a Commodity Trading Advisory Firm (CTAF) established January 2020 in Houston Tx. The protocols below are required by the firm to deliver WTI, Refined & Distillate supplies potential clients are seeking, pending KYC/Intake Form and banking review on your firm.

Company Brief:

 The CTAF has a limited digital footprint as they prefer to work on strictly a referral basis and not be bombarded by unknown affiliates. 

The CTAF works directly with CEO’s and senior crude oil trading desks for direct sourcing of oil blends and distillate products by

  • Assisting the prospective buyer through the credit approval process and most importantly offering the most competitive pricing in the industry directly from the source.

The CTAF does not offer sourcing through resellers, middlemen or intermediaries and no need for LOI’s, ICPO’s or SCO’s working with majors.  The buyer can choose a preferred major based on specific fuel type, oil and most importantly logistical requirements.  If the buyer is already onboarded with a Major, they  will proceed to directly negotiating best pricing they firm can establish.

The CTAF’s relationship with IOC’s requires KYC/Intake Form and the RWA bank letter or direct communication indicating the ability of DLC/SBLC/Cash to be place for contractual purchase(s) and meeting the initial protocol from the IOC.  The Buyer is welcome to offer an RWA/BCL format more suitable for their protocols as long as the funding is verifiable.  

The Majors they primarily work with are (Total, Chevron, and BP for example).  They do not shop price as their relationships garners the best price, but matching efficiency in logistics and consistency in fuel specification per delivery is most important. 

If the buyer does not have the transactional trade history and/or 3-year financials for IOC approval in some cases the CTAF will procure and resale to the Buyer/Exit to execute for an approved (Major or Government procurement entity).

The KYC/Intake Form can be completed in short form or the buyers current format illustrating corporate structure, banking and trade references (if any).  

Currently the CTAF’s focus is moving WTI (starting price Platts – $##.00 minus) at a minimum of 1M bbl. per month on case-by-case basis.  All distillates and petrochemicals can be sourced for clients domestically and internationally. 

Initial Submission & Procedures:

  1. Buyer submits Short Form KYC/Intake Form for Due Diligence.
  2. Buyer submits BCL/RWA Letter or preferred verifiable format.
  3. Conference Call between CTAF and Buyer to discuss NDA, consulting agreement, distribution or refinery direct procurement, product specifications and logistics.
  4. Shareholder structure with ultimate shareholders and % owned.
  5. Registration documents (certificate of incorporation).
  6. Business description (corporate profile).
  7. W9/W8.
  8. Review refinery contract or distribution contract for final refinement or burn.
  9. Conference Call between Buyer, CTAF, and Trade Desk or Credit Division.
  10. Buyer and Major begin onboarding process.

Final Submission to IOC:

*Please note, #1 will be required by the IOC. For the CTAF purposes, a simple RWA Bank Letter Indication LOC & Cash form Initial Submission & Procedures will suffice.

  1. Audited financials (2 – 3 years) Sent directly to IOC/Major only.
  2. Additional documentation requirements will be advised by the IOC Credit Division directly.
  3. IOC’s/Major may require additional legal KYC requirements.

TMI & Partners, through the CTAF is looking forward to your submission and assisting in providing your first lift in 2021 – 2022.

Please fill out KYC Intake Form