LIAACC Small Business Solution Center

We would like to welcome  members and non-members to our Business Solution Center.  As the New York District Office of the United States Small Business Administration 2019 Small Business Champion for 14 counties in Downstate, New York our chamber understand the needs of small business owners.  As a leading advocate and provider for small businesses in New York State we look forward to providing quality solutions for your business and fueling future growth for your enterprise.

LIAACC Business Solution Center

Financial Solution Services
Many small businesses need financing for various reasons. Whether you’re looking to expand operations, purchase real estate, increase working capital, or obtain inventory or equipment, getting a small business loan can help. LIAACC Small Business Solution Center will provide it’s members with one on one support services to achieve your financial goals. Let’s Get Started……..

Operational Solution Services
Many small businesses are confronted with poor organizational design and structure results in a bewildering morass of contradictions: confusion within roles, a lack of co-ordination among functions. LIAACC Small Business Solution Center will provide optional services to help provide organizational support. Let’s Get Started……..

Branding Solution Services
Why is branding for small businesses so important? The most obvious reason is that branding makes your company more recognizable to the public. Having a consistent design throughout your brick and mortar store as well as online, and helps people become familiar with the business they are dealing with. LIAACC Small Business Solution Center will take the time to analyze you business and offer multiple services to help lift your brand to the next level. Let’s Get Started……..

Resource Library
The LIAACC Small Business Solution Center realize in order to provide the best support and solutions, it is important to provide a library of resources for its members. Therefore, we partnered with several local and national organizations that will provide a river of information to help and support the growth of your business. Let’s Get Started……..

Members Solution Services
Members helping Members is an exciting feature offered by the LIAACC Business Solution Center.  If you are an active member of the LIAACC, we are very interested in offering your service for members who are seeking your skill. Once the Business Solution Center provides a full analyze of each inquiry, the Center will offer that member your service. Let’s Get Started……..

Funding Partners

Jovia Bank
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Bank Of America
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Pursuit Lending
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Additional Partners

Jovia Banking
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Bank Of AmericaChurros
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Ice Cream Sandwich
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Cheesecake Shake
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